Brass Peanut Lighter

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You should always carry three methods to start a camp fire when you're in the back country - a knife with fire steel, matches, and of course, a dependable lighter. (Some cotton balls slathered in Obenaufs always helps too.)

This Brass Peanut Lighter is extremely small and easy to carry in your pocket or on a lanyard.  Made from solid brass stock and complete with a sealed screw on cap, this lighter is indestructible and waterproof.  

With it's flat bottom, you can set it on a flat surface to use as an emergency candle. Also, the lighter insert is removable, leaving the sturdy brass shell to be used as a waterproof pill vial. 

Please note, the lighter does not come with lighter fluid.

Height: 1.89"

Diameter: 0.56"

Weight: 1.2 oz

Threaded and O-ring sealed cap.

Comes with a Key ring for easily attaching to your pack or lanyard.

Made in the USA

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